Terms & Conditions

While many different woods are used for signs, Redwood and Cedar are among the most durable woods; therefore, they are ideal for sign use. We prepare our signs first by selecting the best wood available. Signs are cut to shape and coated with sealer. After the carving is done signs are artistically painted, if necessary, and coated again. Signs are now ready to be used indoors, or in a sheltered area outdoor.
However, because signs are top-coated with a surface film forming application it is necessary in some cases to re-coat, depending on weather exposure. We suggest using any exterior product that provides a quality finish. Some of these products containing Sun Blocking U.V.I. That reflect the sun’s harmful ultra violet rays. Once it is coated according to the directions of the product used, frequency of maintenance (as often as necessary) will be determined by exposure to the elements. Due to the natural deteriorating effect of sunlight and moisture on wood, signs intended for outdoor use must be maintained regularly. Because of the power effect of sunlight and moisture all signs carved on natural wood will eventually weather over time, gradually turning a dull silver grey color and giving the signs more rustic look. On the other hand, weathering can be managed and slowed down greatly by regular maintenance.
As mentioned earlier, each sign we make is done in natural wood, therefore, letter size and placement may vary in layout from sing to sign, color and finish may also vary due to texture and density of the wood. Further, because signs are carved on natural wood, not stained, the color, finish, and the grain texture of the wood itself may not be identical to sample signs. Knots, streaks, grain, lines, and
minor bleeding are also common characteristics of wood crafts. What is commonly referred to as “bleeding” may be noticeable, to some degree, on almost all signs, especially around painted areas and the sharp points and edges of some letters. Also, designs on each sign are hand painted and therefore may vary slightly in color or shading.
It is our hope that you will be delighted with your choice of our CARVWOOD signs.
For most Custom product wood sign orders, CarvWood will send the customer picture of the personalized design done on the computer for approval. After that, customer have up to 72 hours to confirm that everything on the design is correct, such as spelling, placement and size of the text. If We don't receive any confirmation by the window time, we will proceed with the orde